Finding the right tenant is custom work

The person who will soon be the lucky one to rent your residential property must be someone you trust. Things like; does the tenant take care of the home properly, does he have the financial means to pay the rent and also fits the environment of the home. For this reason it is important to keep a detailed selection procedure. EHR’s rental experts have been doing this successfully for more than 25 years and have found tens of thousands of tenants for landlords.

During the intake of the residential property we will discuss the type of tenant that fits the house and the rent with you. Letting a home is custom work. For instance, in an apartment with thin walls you don’t want someone who love to play the drums. If you rent out a house where the extraction in the kitchen is not powerful, it won’t work to have a tenant who enjoys cooking for hours. When you don’t take this into account, it can have unpleasant consequences for the tenant, the local residents and therefore possibly for you as the lessor.

An extensive check to find a reliable tenant

After concluding the intake, EHR places the property on various national and international platforms such as Funda, Pararius and Expatrentals. We also share it with our broad expat network, because we have many positive experiences with expats. As soon as the responses come in, we check whether the potential tenant fits the agreed profile. Consider, for example, the start date, whether or not the candidate has pets and the preferred rental period.

Does the person fit the profile, then we will schedule a viewing. This is possible in the evenings, the weekend and during the week. EHR carries out the viewing, so you don’t have to come to the house. If the home appeals to the potential tenant, we can carry out an extensive rent check.

For example, we can collect references from previous landlords, check payment arrears and check whether the income is sufficient to pay the rent and actually ends up on the candidate’s account. Ultimately we can verify this and other collected information during a personal conversation with the potential tenant. If everything corresponds and our gut feeling is right with the candidate too, we will introduce the tenant to you.

Meet the tenant and document the status of the house

Some landlords like to meet the proposed tenant in person. Of course we can accommodate this, also in the evenings and weekends. When you are just as enthusiastic about the proposed candidate as we are, we will complete the final formalities. We work with rental agreements drawn up by tenancy lawyers and ensure that the tenant signs these. Before the house is handed over to the new tenant, we extensively record the status of the house. For example, we record the meter readings, take many photos and document everything. In other words, you will always have proof how the property was delivered. After the admission, we hand over the key to the new tenant.

How long does it take to find a tenant?

EHR attaches great importance to a long-term relationship with its landlords. That is why we spend a lot of time finding the right candidate. The search for the first tenant has an average lead time of two to five weeks. In the event the (expat) tenant will leave the house after the rental period, we will be informed in time. We will start the search for a new candidate prior to the tenant’s departure, in consultation with you. In most cases the new tenant is found before the old one has handed in the key. This means that you have no vacancy of your residential property and therefore a ongoing rent. We do our upmost best to make the rental process as pleasant and carefree as possible. Once we have the key, we can arrange everything. As a homeowner, you never have to be physically present.

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