The beginning and growth of EHR

It all started in 1994 in Arnhem. We believed that there was room for improvement in the quality, professionalism and service delivered in renting and letting properties. This belief resulted in opening the very first Executive Home Rentals (EHR) office and becoming an innovative service estate agent on the market.

When we started the Arnhem region was the area we focused on. At that time there were no immediate ambitions to be active in other regions or even the whole country. This changed when our fast-growing core of landlords and multinationals asked us to implement our unique way of letting of properties in other cities too. A challenge that we loved to take up.

Meanwhile, EHR has become the leading organization in temporary rental mediation with coverage throughout the Netherlands. Our objective is still the same: “A carefree rental experience”. To achieve this, we have opened offices in different regions. Our experts have in depth knowledge of the local market, which means that landlords, tenants and multinationals receive the best service.

Make a difference

Regardless of the EHR office you work with, service is our top priority. Together we look at your wishes as a landlord or tenant. For landlords, it is important to have reliable tenants in the house, that the property management is carried out carefully and it should cost you very little time. That is why we carry out an extensive rental check, we can take the property management out of your hands and we achieve a high rental return for you. Everything to give you a for a carefree letting experience.

We are also happy to help tenants find a suitable home. With the Search Support, EHR Rental Agent, and Expat Service we have a wide range of services to optimally help you in your search.

The future

The demand for our unique service continues to grow. In order to be able to provide our high local service level throughout the Netherlands, we are expanding to 25 offices. While doing this all new and current offices maintain offering the high level of local service. Are you interested in strengthening our team by, for example, opening your own EHR office as an independent entrepreneur? Then please contact us.

Do you want to know more about EHR, our services or how we can help you? Leave your details below and we will contact you shortly.