Found a rental property, what now?

Good news, you have found your new home! You may have succeeded through your own search or by using the EHR Search Support. But what are the next steps? After the viewings and the verbal agreement there are many things that you will have to arrange. You can do this all yourself or you can use the EHR Tenant Service. First we walk you through the different steps, so that you have insight of all the things you will have to do. At the bottom of this page you can read more about what we can do for you.

What do you have to arrange before you can enter your rental property

To be able to rent a property, you have to submit various documents and references. You can think of your ID, employer statement, employment contract and payslips. It is important for the landlord that he has a reliable tenant who pays the rent on time and inhabits the house properly. When you wish to become a tenant, we provide your data to Economic Data Resources B.V. (EDR). EDR will advise on your creditworthiness based on this information. EDR uses your data for research into your creditworthiness and contact details. If you want to object or require information about the use of your personal data by EDR, see:

Rental agreement and key transfer

If this process has been successfully completed and you have been accepted as a tenant, the rental agreement will be drawn up. This will be written in Dutch. It is important to read the agreement carefully. For example, are all details correct, are all agreements made included, the number of months deposit and rentalprice correct and whether the house is unfurnished or furnished.

When you have signed the lease, the key transfer will follow. Make sure you properly record everything when starting renting the property. For instance; what does the floor look like, is the kitchen in good condition and what furniture is in the home. By documenting these types of things you prevent a disagreement, about how the house looked like when it was delivered to you, at the final delivery. Above all, if you have inhabited the house properly, you want to receive your full deposit and not have to pay a defect that was already present at the first delivery.

Signing contracts

At the departure of the previous tenant, the contracts for gas, water, electricity and internet were canceled. That is why it is important to sign your own contracts with the different suppliers quickly. If you do not do this, the water, gas and electricity might be shut off. The internet was probably stopped immediately upon canceling the previous tenant. In some cities, neighborhoods and regions it is necessary to apply for a parking permit if you want to park your car. You can do this with your rental agreement at the municipality.

You may want to change some things in the house. Tenants, for example, often find it pleasant to paint or paper. Pay attention to what is stated in the lease, because it may be that you have to deliver everything in light colors at the end delivery. Therefore you have to make sure your red wall is painted white again. Is your house ready? Then it’s time for the final and nicest step; move and live in the house!

EHR Tenant optional services

As you have read, you need to organise many things before you can move into your new rental home. EHR is here to help you by making this easier. We can do so by taking many steps off your hands, meaning that you spend less time on it knowing everything is arranged properly.

What possible services should you think of?

  1. Management of the deposit to be paid by you through a third-party (Derdengelden) account foundation;
  2. Handling of the deposit after the end of the final inspection;
  3. Translation of rental agreement into English;
  4. Registration and administrative handling of the electricity supplier of your choice (including the passing on of meter readings);
  5. Signing up and administrative handling of water supplier;
  6. Registration and administrative handling of the gas and or heating supplier of your choice (including the passing on of meter readings);
  7. Registration and administrative handling of TV and internet connection of your choice;
  8. Support by applying for a parking permit;
  9. Provide information about the environment. Think of public transport, schools for your children and the doctor;
  10. At your request we can organize a final cleaning of the house. This ensures that the house is delivered in perfect condition. The cleaning costs are for the tenant.

The costs for these tenant services are determined individually with the applicable rental agent, depending on which parts are included. The tenant services are optional, no compulsory purchase.

Do you use EHR as your rental agent? Then the Tenant Service is included.