Support with administrative and logistical expat questions

Moving to another country can be a challenge. In addition to cultural differences and possibly a different climate, many administrative and logistical matters have to be arranged. This can be overwhelming for someone who just arrived in new country. Some extra help with all the things that need to be arranged can make the transition smoother for the expat. Therefore EHR developed the Expat Service. The service consists of services that can be purchased individually. These services are detailed below. If you have any questions about the Expat Service or if you want to purchase them, you can leave your details at the bottom of this page and we will contact you after.

Support for expats

1. RNI (registration of non-residents)

An RNI is required to find a home in case you do not live in the Netherlands or for a period of less than 4 months and you do not have a social security number. The RNI is an accelerated procedure that can be scheduled on the day of a home viewing. EHR provides you with the required information, schedules an appointment and also guides you through this. Read more about RNI on the website of the National Service for Identity Affairs.

2. Opening bank account

When living in The Netherlands it is important to have a Dutch bank account. You will use this account, for example, to receive your wages and pay the rent for your rental property. We give you information about the Dutch banking system and also schedule an appointment at the international customers department. If desired, this appointment can be scheduled on the day of the home viewing. Of course, we guide you through this process (if necessary), so that you have a Dutch bank account quickly and smoothly.

3. Take out insurance

It is recommended to have insurance. Consider, for example, a home insurance policy in case there is a major leak. If your belongings are damaged, you will be reimbursed. A third-party insurance is also recommended, because you will be insured if you accidentally damage someone else’s property. We advise you on the insurance policies and help you signing up for the insurance.

4. Registration with the municipality from abroad

It is possible to register with the municipality once the rental contract started. Please note: registration with the municipality is mandatory! We can combine the appointment with check-in and key transfer. In advance we will send an introduction and information email with the required documents. We then plan the appointment with the municipality and guide you until you are successfully registered.

5. Guidance visit IND

If you are applying for a residence permit, you may have to go to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). Of course, EHR can assist you during this visit.

6. Guidance during GGD appointment for tuberculosis testing

It may be that the Immigration and Naturalisation Service obliges you to have a tuberculosis test. There are a number of countries such as India, China, Brazil and Russia where the disease is more frequent and expats from those countries must have extra research conducted. This research is done by the GGD. EHR helps you to plan the appointment, fill in all forms and guide you during the appointment.

7. Request a 30% ruling

Some expats are eligible for the 30% tax benefit ruling. We provide you with the information in advance, assess whether you are eligible for it and make the application to the tax authorities.

8. Registration of general practitioner and dentist

It can be difficult to find a general practitioner and dentist in the Netherlands. Practices are regularly full and the care system is different from the country where you as an expat come from. That is why EHR provides information about the health care system in the Netherlands, we search for general practitioners and dentists who are open to new patients and help you with your registration.

9. Search for the right school

Choosing the right school for your children can be difficult. There are differences between local and international education. Therefore we advise you on the possibilities in terms of education. We then look for the right school for you, while taking your wishes and the waiting lists that sometimes apply into account. We also help you to make agreements with the school and EHR guides you through the registration process. This way you know that your children are attending a school that suits your needs.

10. Find childcare

When you are working, you want your children to be well cared for. We can help you find the right childcare or childminder. EHR explains the differences and possibilities, looks for a childcare or childminder that matches your wishes, arranges registration and helps you with the application for parent contribution.

11. Convert driver’s license

Your driver’s license may have to be converted if you come to live in the Netherlands. EHR informs you in advance about legislation and regulations, issues a “personal statement” at the Central Driving License Agency (CBR), schedules the appointment and guides you during the interview.

12. Import car

There is extensive legislation and regulation regarding the import of goods such as a car. EHR calculates the tax for your passenger car or motorcycle (BPM), arranges import via RDW and the inspection agreement. The entire procedure takes three months on average.

Contact us for the Expat Service

If you want to use one or more services of the Expat Service, let us know. Fill in the contact form below and we will contact you. Of course you can also contact us if you have any questions or are looking for help with other matters that are not mentioned on this page.