Do you outsource the property management or do it yourself?

Letting a home is more than ‘just’ finding a tenant. During the rental period, the tenant might have questions, regular maintenance needs to be done and you probably prefer to have the property inspected on a regular basis. Besides, it is necessary to act quickly during acute situations. For this reason it is legally required to appoint a property manager. This can be someone from your own environment or a professional organization such as EHR. How will you organise the property management?

Property Management by family or friends

If you choose to take control of the management yourself, you have to be available 24/7. For example, you are celebrating your child’s birthday on a Sunday afternoon and the tenant calls you because of a clogged drain, he expects you to act quickly. Or what do you think about a leak, a broken dishwasher and a faulty front door? In addition to quickly visiting the property, you must also find a professional to solve the problem. This costs you a lot of time and headaches. Sometimes landlords choose to have friends or family take care of the property management. Be aware that they also want to go on vacation, but that is not possible due to the management of the property. That’s why many landlords choose to outsource their property management.

Benefits professional Property Management

When you decide to leave the property management with EHR, you choose the ultimate form of unburdening. The call from the tenant goes directly to EHR, so you don’t have to interrupt your son’s birthday. We will always visit the property and try to solve the problem immediately. In the case a specialist is needed, we will discuss this with you. You might have a preference for a specialist from your own network, whom we will happily approach. When this is not the case, EHR will find the right professional to carry out the repair work. We also check whether the work has been carried out correctly, on time and with the right quality.

More than the first point of contact

Obviously you want the monthly rent to be paid on time. As part of the EHR Property Management, we take care of the monthly collection of the rent. Is the payment not made on time? Then we go after it for you. We collect the rent and the deposit to an official third-party foundation account (stichting Derdengelden). Every month you receive an email from us with a financial update. Next to this, we also carry out a home inspection twice a year. During those checks we verify whether the property is still being used as agreed. In our experience, an additional effect of the inspections is that the house is tidier than without them.

EHR Property Management entails:

Financial management

  • Monthly collection of the rent
  • Send rental invoice
  • Monthly financial statement

Technical management

  • First point of contact for the tenant
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • First inspection by EHR and, where possible, remedied immediately
  • Finding the right specialist in coordination with the landlord
  • Financial settlement

Residential property inspection

  • Twice a year
  • Checking the correct use of the property
  • Result: the house is nicer occupied
  • Possible problems solved earlier
  • Better insight into upcoming maintenance

Our goal is to offer you a carefree letting experience. We only need your permission and the key to the property, so that you as a landlord do not have to worry about anything. Do you have questions about this or do you want to meet? Fill in the contact form below and we will contact you shortly.