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What does it mean when EHR manages my property?

By outsourcing the property management to EHR you prevent tenants from contacting your family, neighbours or friends in the event of problems with the house. You also avoid that the tenants approach your loved ones for making difficult decisions about your house and personal property. This is because EHR is the first point of contact for tenants.

An additional advantage is that EHR inspects the property during the rental period. We thereby check whether the property is used as agreed. Through these inspections we also discover required maintenance earlier. This can save you a lot of money, because prevention is cheaper than curing the problem.

For property management tasks, 6% excluding VAT of the monthly rent is charged per month. The payment is settled per month with the monthly rent. An hourly rate is applied for having technical management carried out, such as modifications to the house and supervision of major maintenance. Read more about EHR Property Management.