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Which services can I expect from EHR?

EHR is an expert in the business of renting and letting.


We have a wide range of properties that you can view on our website. By registering for our Search Support you will receive all new rental properties in your mailbox. You can also use us as a Rental Agent, with our Tenant Service we can help you with the steps you need to take when renting a property and we have a special Expat Service. More information can be found on the page about renting.


If you want to let your house or apartment, then you are at the right place at EHR. We find a suitable, reliable tenant and can also take the property management off your hands. If you choose EHR, then you choose for a carefree letting experience. You can find more information about our services on our letting page.

Property Management

It is legally required to appoint a manager during the rental period. If you outsource this to EHR, we will take care of the technical and financial management for you. Next to this, we perform periodic home inspections. Read more about EHR Property Management.