Get started with finding a rental property

Finding a new rental property can be very difficult. In some cities the supply of homes and apartments is lower than the number of home seekers. It may also be that you have specific wishes for your future rental property that make the search more difficult. With the EHR Search Support, we are happy to help you find a suitable rental property. You can view the current range on our website, but we also offer other services to help you.

EHR Rental Agent, the ideal search support

It is possible to have us search for a suitable rental property for you. By appointing us as your rental agent you gain many benefits. After contacting us we will reach out to you within 24 hours to go through your wish list. Perhaps you are looking for a house with a garden, a pleasant office and parking around the corner. Or are you looking for an apartment in the city center so that you can walk to work?

Going beyond finding a house

In addition, we help you during the key transfer, check-in and future check-out procedure. For us it is important that the total rental experience goes well and that means we go beyond finding a house for you. For example, we take care of signing you up to gas, water, electricity and internet suppliers. If you use us as your rental agent, you will receive this service for free. We also offer an extensive tenant service to support you further.

Expat Service

If you move to the Netherlands from abroad, this can be a challenging experience. EHR can support you in arranging many things such as childcare, registering with the municipality from abroad and opening a bank account. Read more about the Expat Service here.